Poetry is my thing. Words that create images, try to explain a human experience, reveal emotions without stating obvious emotions , make beautiful sounds…that’s what I’m into. It feels noncommittal and free. And somehow, explains who I am. Ask me to write a paper on a philosophical theory or climax of a novel,  you’ll find me bug eyed, staring at a blank word document. In poetry, sentences don’t have to be dubbed sentences —  it’s about whatever makes the best line. And that’s what keeps me coming back for more.

Now that I’m a soon to be college grad (eeeek) I’ve started to search for another avenue that will continue to help explain who I am (plus, we all know what kind of money poets make) for the next phase of my life– Freelance. It’s an avenue that will allow me to learn about all sorts of different things. There’s a lot out there and I’m eager to become a part of it. It’ll push me out of my comfort zone and I’m certain that’s something I need.

A lover of pencils and notebooks that have scribbles and crossed out lines, I’m going to have to learn how to appreciate the power of the “delete” button on the keyboard. I’m going to have to endure that revealing nature and essay style of writing that is not my usual thing. And the anxiety  I feel when faced with the task of writing real, grammatically correct sentences, will have to be overcome.

I’m coming for you freelance world, with full grit.

~ Madeline Marie

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